Check out some advantages of mobility for asset management for your company. So, read more in this article from Manusis4!

The use of mobile devices has completely changed the processes in industry. Currently, managers are placing greater emphasis on the use of this technology when they want to improve productivity and reduce expenses.

Mobility refers to the use of cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices that can be used in various sectors. In this scenario, all actions are carried out through these devices, increasing information control and adding more flexibility and agility.

Mobility for asset management, therefore, means using mobile devices to manage service orders, organize inventories, facilitate communication with customers, among countless other activities in the area in an agile and efficient way, avoiding long stops that could cause financial loss.

The advantages of mobility for asset management

Better Managed Requests

Linking mobile technologies to asset maintenance can increase the effectiveness of request management processes. All because this technology allows you to organize, in real time, requisitions in just one place. Thus, it is possible to have access to this data from anywhere according to categories such as: responsible for the action, deadlines, among many others.

Increased productivity

Another benefit obtained by using mobility to manage assets is the reduction of rework, which directly leads to an increase in productivity. The employee with mobile access can make a service request immediately after the problem occurs, which can be done from any location.

More organized information

Through mobile technology it is possible to have a better planning of preventive and predictive maintenance. Data such as time count, service dates, asset wear period and various other information are used by applications to automatically indicate when maintenance should be performed.