Learn what Machine Learning and artificial intelligence are, how they relate to machines and collaborators, and how they can be integrated into software.

It is remarkable how Artificial Intelligence has gained prominence in recent months, especially with the popularization of Chat GPT. Features that were once restricted to large corporations have been made available to the general public, showcasing the potential of this tool. In this context, you have probably also heard of Machine Learning, which in many cases has become synonymous with artificial intelligence. However, there are conceptual differences you need to know, especially if you work with preventive maintenance.

In this post, we will explain what these concepts are, how they relate to machines and collaborators, and in what ways they can be integrated to enhance their functionalities. Curious? Then keep reading and find out more!

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a field of computer science that aims to create systems capable of simulating human reasoning, meaning, solving complex problems, and performing tasks that typically require intelligence. It can be divided into two types:

  • Weak artificial intelligence, known as Narrow Artificial Intelligence (ANI), performs specific tasks such as recognizing faces, playing chess, or translating texts.
  • Strong artificial intelligence, also called Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), would be capable of understanding and learning anything a human can do. It would have consciousness, emotions, and creativity. However, this type of artificial intelligence does not yet exist in reality but is a much-discussed potential.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning (ML) is actually a subfield of Artificial Intelligence, which relies on algorithms and data to enable machines to learn on their own, without the need for explicit programming. This means that machines can recognize patterns, make predictions, make decisions, and adapt to new situations based on the analysis of large volumes of data.

How to integrate Machine Learning and artificial intelligence?

As you have seen, these concepts complement and enhance each other. Machine Learning is a way to implement artificial intelligence, using data and algorithms to enable machines to learn. Artificial intelligence is the ultimate goal, namely creating systems that can mimic or surpass human intelligence.

By integrating Machine Learning and artificial intelligence, it is possible to create more efficient, innovative, and personalized solutions for the needs of companies and clients. For example, Machine Learning can be used to analyze asset and process data, identify faults, optimize resources, predict demands, etc. And artificial intelligence can be used to automate tasks, interact with users, generate insights, etc.

In general, new artificial intelligences make extensive use of Machine Learning in their applications. Therefore, when we talk about ML, we are often also referring to Artificial Intelligence, as they have become practically synonymous.

How are Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence used in preventive maintenance?

In preventive maintenance, Machine Learning is widely used to detect possible equipment failures and provide recommended actions to avoid further damage and production stoppages.

The tool can analyze sensor data such as temperature, pressure, and vibration, and identify anomalies, trends, and correlations indicating wear or an impending failure. This way, corrective maintenance can be performed before the problem worsens or causes an accident.

Do you need software that integrates Machine Learning and artificial intelligence?

Using software that integrates Machine Learning and artificial intelligence is essential for developing asset management and process quality in the daily operations of companies. With such a tool, you will be able to easily:

  • Increase team productivity and efficiency;
  • Reduce costs and waste;
  • Improve machine safety and reliability;
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty;
  • Innovate and differentiate yourself in the market.

If you want to access this new model of preventive maintenance—which, by the way, is much more efficient—it is essential to implement AI and ML-based tools. Manusis4 is a platform built with innovative features.

If you want to learn more about Manusis 4, the software that integrates Machine Learning and artificial intelligence for physical asset management, request a demo right now!