Albert Einstein Hospitals in Brasil now is in a single system of maintenance and facilities. So, check the rest of the article to know more!

A good facility or asset management system is essential so there are no failures or breaks in the hospital system. Imagine a machine stopping for maintenance and taking three days to get back to work? This can generate a great loss, both financially and in lives.

 Not only that, here are challenges within hospital management:

  • there is a high circulation of people who depend on impeccable hygiene and maintenance services;
  • hospitals work 24 hours a day and there is no right time for an emergency, equipment needs to be highly available;
  • a high level of specialization is required, not only in technical aspects, but also in human ones;
  • mistakes here can represent loss of life;
  • the different sectors have a high level of interdependence, so failures in equipment, processes, records and resources can compromise surgeries, hospitalizations and other important procedures;
  • hospitals collect and store a lot of sensitive data about their patients and, especially with the general Data Protection Act, the information systems of these institutions will need to be even more secure and organized.

 We have among our healthcare customers the Oncoclínicas Group and the Albert Einstein Hospital, with whom we did a very productive live this past week and I want to bring you here.

Sustainability and governance in Albert Einstein Hospitals

Among all that was said, some data mentioned in the chat were very striking, among them impressive numbers regarding sustainability and governance:

  •  95% reduction in prints (yes, paper savings, the environment thanks you);
  • Reduction of travel time;
  • Improved productivity.

 The LATAM head of Manusis4, Ricardo Marguliano, the operations manager of Manusis4, Gabriel Vicente, the operational efficiency manager of Hospital Albert Einstein, Anfilófio Rodrigues, and the planning engineer from Hospital Albert Einstein, Manuela Petagna.

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