Discover the best strategies to prolong the useful life of your business assets. Learn more in this comprehensive text about asset management.

How long do your company’s assets last? Although many do not have all the data on the useful life of their assets, we all know that extended durability is always desired. But how can you achieve this?

Knowing the best strategies to extend the useful life of assets is critical. And for that, we have produced this text to present some of the best practices for increasing the durability of your assets. Understand what tools and actions can be adopted!

Identification of main assets

The first step in prolonging the useful life of assets is to identify the main equipment and goods that the company owns. It is important to make a complete list, with a description and date of acquisition.

The idea is to follow the life cycle of assets since their purchase. With this, it will be possible to plan and monitor their performance.

Constant monitoring through software

Asset management software can be the best way to extend the life cycle of assets because it allows constant monitoring. With it, it is possible to record all information about the use, maintenance, and repairs of each equipment. Thus, the company can predict possible failures and take preventive measures before they occur.

This system also allows information to be always available to operators. Integrated with a mobile application, it is possible to have up-to-date data in the palm of your hand about details of the latest inspections, maintenance costs, work orders, and much more.

Performance analysis

To prolong the useful life of assets, it is essential to analyze their performance. Once again, asset management software is quite useful. Through it, it is possible to collect performance data, such as energy consumption, hours of use, and productivity. This information can be collected and shared in real-time through IoT devices connected to assets.

Based on this information, it is possible to identify possible problems and take measures to improve equipment performance. These actions promote the extension of the useful life of assets.

Preventive maintenance to extend the useful life of your assets

Preventive maintenance is one of the most effective strategies for extending the useful life of assets. With asset management software, it is possible to schedule preventive maintenance according to the date of acquisition or hours of use. This prevents failures and unexpected stops, ensuring company productivity.

Employee training

For asset life extension strategies to be successful, it is essential that operational teams are trained to use equipment correctly. After all, improper use can cause irreparable damage, reducing the asset’s useful life. Therefore, it is important to invest in employee training and capacity building.

In a competitive market, extending asset durability can be a differential for the company. Investing in asset management software can be an excellent way to increase the company’s efficiency.

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