In this second newsletter on ESG and digital transformation, I will bring you how the Internet of Things (IoT) can help reduce waste and facilitate sustainability results and initiatives.

Cloud platforms for applications and the Internet of Things (IoT) are not only becoming a centerpiece of operations technology (OT) and engineering technology (ET) solutions, they are also an important enabler of innovation initiatives and outcomes. sustainability.

These platforms provide a modern approach to developing and deploying software applications with infrastructure as a service, providing easy access to Big Data and meeting security and availability requirements, making it easy for remote and connected employees to access the cloud platform to perform their tasks. When combined with powerful industrial software applications that incorporate artificial intelligence, for example, cloud platform solutions can enable the development of sustainable digital twins, models and processes.

The urgent need to improve sustainability is a key factor in accelerating digital industrial transformation initiatives in many companies. The search for innovation and continuous investment in digital transformation are key to ensuring this acceleration. We are at a critical juncture for sustainability action, and recent events have increased confidence and investment in available transformational approaches and technologies.

Achieving a low-carbon industrial future requires transformational thinking and a digitally skilled workforce, along with three key elements: next-generation automation, software and analytics, and a clear focus on energy optimization. Together, the three elements of this sustainability triad deliver positive results greater than the sum of each part.

Understand the global reach, experience, knowledge and partner ecosystem when considering a solution partner for any accelerated digital transformation program. Look for solutions that can provide more accurate and reliable data, along with contextual information.

Final Tips

Improving sustainability means improving processes and increasing transparency across the supply chain, with integrated, holistic data that drives operational efficiency and delivers sustainable business processes that extend beyond the factory floor to the customer. Examine potential AI solutions to make sure they can support total cost and risk mitigation in engineering, energy efficiency and optimized processes in production operations, and optimized asset performance and reliability. Look for cloud-based solutions that provide a seamless approach to developing and deploying software applications and connecting workers while engaging a community of administrators to drive sustainability.

Leading companies understand that the way to effectively address sustainability and ESG concerns is through accelerating digital transformation initiatives, and they are already on that path. For others, the time to start is now.

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