IoT and predictive maintenance can be combined, so your process is even more efficient. So, read more in this article!

Yes, they are childhood best friends. And I’ll explain to you why. Ever heard of high performance? Yes, right? That term became popular with motivational coaches in a very terrorist way. But here we are talking about machines and industry. Well, in recent years, with the challenges we have encountered due to crisis, inflation, war, pandemic and all the possible external factors that have affected us, we have sought the maximum performance of our machinery, through asset management.

 But, how was this data extracted to promote high performance and productivity of operations? It, the Internet of Things (or IoT – Internet of Things). With the data generated by it, it is possible to considerably reduce processes related to predictive maintenance of machinery. They are: cost, downtime and the useful life of these devices.

 And IoT can be combined, so your process is even more efficient: IoT + AI (artificial intelligence), IoT + machine learning, IoT + digital twins.

Manusis4 and IoT

 As I already said here, the Manusis4 system is very advanced when it comes to the Internet of Things. Last year, with the incorporation of Evoy – one of the main IoT companies in the country, we were able to improve even more in this regard and present a complete solution. After all, today, what is most sought after by the industry is high performance and financial and operational efficiency – key points proposed by predictive maintenance, since downtime is avoided and the entire production chain is optimized.

 Anyone who believes that the IoT makes the industry reach its high performance is wrong because of the data produced – yes, of course, but also because it reduces costs and maintenance time.

 Another important point to mention is the issue of sustainability, but that makes for an article just for that subject – and here’s the promise to bring it up in the coming weeks.

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