Find out how IoT is revolutionizing business management! Learn more about this technology and how this facet of digital transformation is already impacting organizations.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized business processes in this age of digital transformation. IoT enables devices, sensors, platforms and applications to connect to the digital world, enabling communication between components and data analysis.

This technology has enabled managers to obtain real-time information to make fast, efficient, data-driven decisions.

In this article, we will discuss the main characteristics of IoT and the impact of these resources on business management.

Features of IoT

IoT is characterized primarily by interconnectivity between devices and applications. IoT-connected devices transmit real-time information, which is processed and analyzed on specific software platforms.

The data can be used to improve decision making and manage the company’s processes efficiently. Let’s better understand these characteristics.

Real-time data transmission

IoT allows data to be collected in real time and transmitted to software platforms for analysis. This allows managers to obtain accurate information at the same time that events occur, which helps them make more efficient decisions.

For example, in the logistics sector, in a supermarket, IoT can be used to monitor the level of product stocks, the temperature of refrigerators and the number of people in the box queues.

This data can be collected in real time and sent to managers so they can make faster and more accurate decisions, such as increasing inventory levels and redistributing employees in cash queues.

Connectivity between devices

Devices can not only transmit data to systems, but also to other connected devices.

This allows devices to communicate with each other and be controlled remotely. For example, in an industrial environment, IoT devices can be used to monitor the state of equipment and even to control how it works.

Analysis of collected data

Data collected from machines, environments, and facilities are sent to specialized systems that read records and turn it into useful information for managers, in many cases presenting the data in easy-to-interpret dashboards.

Integration between organization sectors

Inter-device connectivity also enables integration between enterprise sectors, which helps improve decision-making.

A classic example is the integration between the production sector and the sales sector. The data collected by IoT devices can be used to calculate the required production level and predict the level of sales. This helps prevent excessive supplies or product shortages and thus helps reduce operating costs.

Improved security

One of IoT’s great assets is ensuring greater security in the management of the company’s assets. This is achieved by:

  • distance monitoring of processes;
  • remote locking or deactivation of connected devices;
  • automatic identification of risk situations through smart cameras.

Impact of IoT on business management

The Internet of Things (IoT) has significantly impacted the management of companies and industries. These are not only about gains, but also about challenges to face and win.

Investment in a new infrastructure

IoT implementation requires significant investment in acquiring and installing software devices and platforms, as well as training teams to manage connected devices and interpret the collected data.

Concern with data protection

As connectivity between devices increases, data security is increasingly important. It is necessary to ensure that data is collected securely to prevent unauthorized access and malicious attacks.

Need to develop new skills

The Internet of Things (IoT) also has a direct impact on human resources and the labor market, requiring professionals to develop new skills to analyze data and use it to make appropriate and efficient decisions.

IoT has revolutionized business management and decision-making in the world of digital transformation, enabling devices, sensors, platforms and applications to connect to facilitate real-time data collection, analysis, and sharing.

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