Want to know how mobility combined with technologies like EAM Software, CMMS Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things can improve a company’s asset management? Access the article and find out!

Asset management is one of the most important sectors in any company, as it is responsible for maintaining equipment and facilities essential to the operation of the business. With the advancement of technologies such as mobility, Artificial Intelligence (A.I), Internet of Things (IoT) and other digital resources, it is possible to improve asset management, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

In this article, we will discuss how mobility combined with these technologies can improve the results of asset management.

Mobility benefits for asset management

The use of mobile apps has already become a routine for a multitude of daily activities. From waking up with an alarm to reading or listening to music before bed, the smartphone accompanies us and brings us many facilities.

In asset management, this is no different. Mobility enables asset managers to access and perform tasks from anywhere, such as monitoring equipment in the field, performing preventive maintenance, monitoring production processes remotely and in real time, among other tasks. With this, managers can optimize their time and resources, improving productivity and reducing costs.

Thus, asset management and execution of maintenance tasks can be guided via mobile, with access to all the necessary data to ensure good productivity to professionals.

Mobility combined with the new tools of digital transformation

Mobile devices have become an important arm of different tools that are now available for asset management activities. These are new features that further enhance what managers and maintainers can perform. Let’s talk a little bit about these major technologies.

Software and applications for asset management

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and CMMS Systems are examples of applications used for asset management and maintenance task management. The first is more comprehensive, with tools to plan, control, monitor and measure all asset management. The second is specific for the management of maintenance work orders.

Combined with mobile applications, these tools allow all management to be done remotely. In addition, with a tablet or smartphone, maintainers can make service records, insert images and check inspection routes.

Application of Artificial Intelligence (A.I) in asset management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already used in asset management to assist in the decision-making of managers, such as in the prediction of equipment failures. In addition, A.I. is also very useful for generating data analysis reports, which assist in decision making.

Use of the Internet of Things (IoT) for asset management

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows equipment to be monitored remotely. For example, the temperature of an environment or a machine, vibration levels, among others. In environment surveillance systems, smart cameras can detect movements and issue alerts in case of intrusions or risks at the premises.

Mobility combined with current technologies such as specialized management software, AI, IoT and other resources enables asset managers to optimize the use of their resources and improve productivity, moving the results of the company’s asset management.

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