Manusis4 has the automotive manufacturing processes in our DNA. We digitized our clients workflows in the assembly, engine and stamping factories. Autonomous Maintenance (CIL-R), EWO and Machine Ledger plug ins are used by this companies. Our background in this sector:

  • Manusis4 has been in use for more than 7 years in one of the largest heavy construction and agricultural machinery companies;
  • Two years ago we implemented continuous monitoring of 20 critical machines controlling temperature, tank levels, vibration and operating cycles;
  • For these critical machines, 100% of the maintenance plans are no longer based on time, but on operating cycles – an evolution that is sought by several companies to increase the availability of their assets and reduce costs;
  • Manusis4 monitors the consumption of welding gas from a robot to control the quality of the weld bead in the assembly of tractor cabins;
  • In 2021, Manusis Insights will be integrated to Machine Learning, developing intelligent algorithm.