In need of maintenance management solutions? Check out Manusis4’s unique and innovative features!

Manusis4 is a company specialized in maintenance management solutions. The system provides organizations with an advanced platform to quickly and efficiently manage their equipment, facilities and other assets.

In this article, you will learn about five Manusis4 differentials regarding maintenance management. Check out!

1. Assisted implementation

The implementation of Manusis4 can be completed from 4 to 12 weeks, and the entire process is accompanied by a specialized consultant with expertise in maintenance management area.

In this way, your company will have support and training necessary for your team to extract the maximum potential from the product. In addition, results are monitored for constant improvement.

2. Complete record of the entire maintenance process

The software structure was built to house all the information you and your team need. That includes:

  • Cost centers;
  • Assets organized by logical tree;
  • Employees and teams;
  • Shifts;
  • Replacement materials (creation of warehouses).

3. Preventive maintenance plan

Manusis4 features allow you to build a complete maintenance plan on the platform. It is possible to register inspection and lubrication routes and checklists that can be used in a mobile app.

4. Creating reports and dashboards

With Manusis4, you can create dashboards that will help you monitor your asset information. The system also allows this data to be shared between administrators and users.

Data can also be organized into reports for further analysis. There are more than 15 report templates to monitor information and manage actions.

5. Scheduling

This is one of the main solutions for maintenance management. You can build interfaces dedicated to requesters, operators, maintainers, among others.

The Weekly Scheduling tool, for example, allows managing the team’s activities, organizing the OMs according to the maintainers’ schedules.

Did you like to know the solutions for Manusis4 maintenance management? So request a demo right now and check out the features!