Did you know that predicting failures in machinery or even in a system can lead to savings of up to 75%? Check out the main trend for industry 4.0!

Reducing costs, minimizing failures and thinking broadly about sustainability. A legacy of the COVID-19 pandemic, in which much was lost, was technological renewal. In Industry 4.0, these new technologies already have a positive impact on improving production.

There’s no way to talk about production improvement without talking about predictive maintenance – a trend that was created a few years ago, however, from 2020 onwards, the real value and importance of anticipating failures in a system was seen, to reduce errors in systems and machinery. Asset management is nothing more than that: performing predictive maintenance in all areas of a company, whether medium or large.

Predictive maintenance is done to anticipate and find problems in machines and equipment. Even before they fail, it is possible to find the error and fix it, without stopping the machinery, which causes great damage. Imagine a hospital or an automobile industry with a machine stopped? Predictive maintenance can predict, with advanced technology through the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, the need to replace a part, for example.

According to a survey of predictive maintenance by the US Department of Energy, an industry can save energy and maintenance costs by up to 30%, eliminate interruptions by up to 45%, and ultimately decrease machine downtime, or downtime, by up to 75%.

With 5G (yes we talk a lot about 5G and we will talk about it even more in the coming months), the trend is these advances in predictive maintenance, having as allies the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, will be even stronger and more accessible. I see a great industrial revolution for the next few years.

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