Manusis 4.0
Efficient management, high performance, in a single platform.

MANUSIS 4.0 is a system of Maintenance and Asset Management 100% web based and with mobile application that allows you to manage multiple units of your company on a single platform.

Without a limit of users, it was developed to meet the demands of the Industry 4.0 or Manufacturing 4.0, and the guidelines established by the World Class Manufacturing (WCM), being able to connect to PLCs and machine and systems supervisories, performing automated actions in order to make processes more agile and to reduce operational costs.



AWS - Amazon Web Services

MANUSIS 4.0 uses the best in safe and fast hosting in the world, Amazon Web Services (AWS), considered the most efficient by Gartner Group.

Multiple units System

The system is prepared to support corporations with multiple units, which can be viewed in compliance with permissions and access groups.


MANUSIS 4.0 has an application for Android, strongly recommended by users, which works even without an available network. Soon, versions for supervisors and managers.


Available in Portuguese, Portuguese (Portugal), English, Spanish and Italian languages, as well as prepared for other languages.

Basic modules


    Building the asset logical tree, registration of assets, cost centers, employees, support resources, teams, shifts and initial parameters.


    Creation of the necessary number of stock warehouses to manage spare parts, consumable materials, application materials, tools, PPE, uniforms and lubricants, as well as features for materials reservation, moving, inventories and transfers.


    Preparation of preventive maintenance plans, asset inspection and lubrication routes, setting time periods or counters and manage the status through annual, monthly, and weekly viewing features.


    Main module for the day to day management of asset operation and maintenance. It has interfaces dedicated to service requesters, maintainers, operators and professionals of PPCM (Planning, Scheduling and Maintenance Control). Emphasis on the Weekly Scheduling Tool, which allows the user to saturate the team by distributing MOs that need to be executed in the week, resulting in the maintainer's work schedule. More resources: Weekly Schedule Calendar, Backlog, Management of Requests, Scheduled x Executed, Management of Extra Hours and Launch Counters, among others.


    Building a document logical tree, documents upload with expiration date alerts, sharing resources, among other features.


    Generation of requisitions of parts or services required for asset management, in addition to the possibility of setting parameters for automatic resupply requests. It is possible to activate an approval workflow for withdrawal of application and consumption materials, PPE and uniforms, facilities services, among other features.


    Creation of access groups, access permissions, users and cost center permissions, available to the master administrator.

  • Dashboard builder

    Creation and management of the required dashboards for the monitoring and management of assets, their publication and sharing by the administrators.


    Visualization of the available dashboards by users as published and shared by the dashboard builder module. Availability of Infoclick, standard dashboard, for the search of asset information and KPIs with a few clicks.


    More than 15 specific reports for information analysis and stock management.


    Key tables available for export using the period selection, required fields and filters.

Appropriate solutions
to the rules of your business

MANUSIS 4.0 also offers specific modules, plugins that can be contracted according with your company needs.

Specific modules and plugins


    Autonomous maintenance, one of the pillars of WCM, is an effective strategy to overthrow the traditional barriers between the areas of Production and Maintenance, contributing to the increased use of the equipment. WERT SOLUTIONS, in order to help its customers to improve efficiency and effectiveness in asset management, developed the Autonomous Maintenance plugin, which allows the execution of operation activities by recording the actions that must be carried out by the operators and those that need to be executed by Maintenance through the Mobile Application for smartphones and tablets.


    An efficient asset operation depends not only on the Maintenance care, but also the actions of other support areas of the organization. This plugin allows to insert actions that must be carried out by other areas than Maintenance, generating an action plan that is based on the PDCA cycle.


    Use the best investigative techniques to perform critical equipment failures analysis. Through data parameterization, MANUSIS 4.0 suggests, automatically, that a failure analysis shall be performed on an asset. In addition to the step-by-step for an effective failure analysis, you can generate and manage an action plan, and, subsequently, establish a time to guarantee the effectiveness of the actions taken.

  • Machine Ledger

    Machine Ledger is a document (automated report on MANUSIS 4.0) that lists, details and records the history of all components of an equipment considered critical. In it, all the elements that serve to characterize and classify the equipment are reported to the components level, allowing to manage failure actions by components. Through the Digital Machine Ledger and the use of a digital touch table, the client has the best experience in managing the assets on a daily basis.

  • OEE – OLE – OPE

    It allows the registration of asset operation data in terms of production, process losses, product losses and time-related losses. It allows the user to register potential losses related with Productivity, Availability and Quality. The notes can be carried out manually by the line operators through the notes panel or it is possible to integrate MANUSIS 4.0 directly to machinery and equipment, depending on technical feasibility.


    X and QM matrixes that list preventive activities of the calendar and CIRL-R plan with machine quality points

  • TAGS

    Management of the PM and AM tags generated by the Autonomous Maintenance plugin and possibility of creating new types of tags.


    Plugin for creation and management of SOP and SMP integrated with the plugins of Machine Ledger and Autonomous Maintenance.

  • Project management

    It allows users to register and manage their projects following the precepts of PMI (Project Management Institute) in a collaborative environment. Among the features, emphasis on the possibility of registering the project charter, milestones, attachment of documents , notepad, and the creation of the project timeline in Gantt format, allowing the monitoring of the project evolution through indicators like IDC (Cost Index) and IDP (Deadline Index).

  • Standard Activities

    Allows the user to manage precisely the activities of systematic maintenance plans through the registration of activities with standardized times and resources. With Manusis Mobile, it performs the comparison between the predicted times and those carried out by the maintainers.


    It allows the user to manage their assets in real time with focus on the geopositioning and to obtain critical information for asset maintenance management. With Tracksis, you can monitor the maintainers in their day-to-day trips. Ideal for management of mobile and technical assistance teams, informing, in real time, the location of the team members. It is possible to use this module for monitoring mobile assets, such as vehicles, but in this case, it is necessary to evaluate compatibility with tracking hardware.


    Manage the maintenance budget in a dynamic way by comparing your predictions to what is effectively being spent. Register your annual maintenance budget and, through the accounting of daily Maintenance Orders, follow the costs statement.


    Possibility of generating checklists for any type of application with the possibility of use in the mobile application.

  • External Repairs

    With features like RMA generation, it allows the user to send assets/components to repair in suppliers or manufacturers


    Management of instruments, calibration patterns and routines related to the issuance of standardized certificates.


    Through this plugin it is possible for users to exchange messages quickly and objectively, which are recorded in the system.


    Creation of maintenance budget by using the asset logical tree. Comparison budgeted x executed at any time.


    Possibility of management of vehicles fuel through file loading, integrated to current market systems.


The maintenance and asset management requires mobility, even if when the internet is not available.

By using the MANUSIS Mobile application, you can:

  • Work even in environments without internet network.
  • Allow service requests by any person within the organization using QR Code technology.
  • Allow maintainers to perform service recording, record photos and insert pending activities in the MOs in the equipment or from anywhere in the organization.
  • Allow machine operators to perform routine inspections (Autonomous Maintenance) in the equipment, informing immediately to the PPCM area in case of non-conformities – it is necessary to contract the Autonomous Maintenance plugin.
  • Register asset counters and fuel consumption by mobile asset.
  • View asset history, documents and indicators using the QR Code resource.
  • With the Standard Activity plugin, record the standard activity execution time of a MO through the Play-Pause resource.

App improvements currently being developed


  • SR and MO approval.
  • MO redistribution by team members.
  • Visualization of weekly schedule attendance.
  • Visualization of indicators.

Mobile Application Manager Soon

  • Visualization of indicators and KPIs.
  • Android and IOS version.


Use Manusis Connect to connect and integrate the most diverse devices and machines to MANUSIS 4.0 and have complete control over your company's assets.

  • Wifi, Ethernet and GPRS connection
  • 16 digital outputs.
  • 4 analog outputs.
  • Predictive maintenance.
  • Manufacture 4.0.
Manusis IIOT
Manusis Touch


With the touch table, daily maintenance management gets easier. Visualize and manage the Machine Ledger of an asset, raise orders and, soon, have direct interaction with new features that will be developed.


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