Understand the maturity of your company’s maintenance and asset management processes, with our exclusive diagnosis!

For any kind of business, regardless of the segment, asset management and maintenance is essential and is directly related to the company’s growth and development. When we talk about the maturity degree of this process, we are based on 6 levels of maturity in asset management:


When your company is still in a reactive management status, with manual processes, paper, spreadsheets, etc., correcting errors and not predicting them.

Planned maintenance

When there is a defined strategy, a CMMS system, KPIs and basic reports, but still browsing through various solutions without connection or holistic view.

Asset Management

When your company already works with more advanced levels of management, and adds EAM solutions, ERP Modules, it has a standardization in the process and mixes reactive and proactive actions, also with applied CBM strategies.

Word class manufacturing

When your company reaches a higher degree of maturity, and is already aligned with the international quality standard in maintenance and asset management, using specialized EAM solutions, maintaining failure analysis, machine ledger (RCM, FMEA) and standardized and constant safety patterns.

Smart asset management

When your management reaches more integrated levels of operation added to all other strategies, that is, EAM integrated with other systems, predictive maintenance, cost and life cycle management, constant evolution and improvement in data handling.

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Don’t miss the chance to improve your company’s maintenance and asset management!

Through a technical evaluation, it is possible to reach this classification and, with that, we can diagnose what is the real maturity stage of your business and at what level it is, in addition to what actions can be taken to leverage or continuously manage the growth already acquired over the years.

This analysis methodology has been developed for years by our specialists, who, over the course of their experience with businesses in different segments, have noticed that many companies have difficulty understanding their real level of control in the operation, management of maintenance processes and asset management. . One of the major impacts of this difficulty in perceiving the real level of maturity is the lack of corrective actions to solve the course of asset management and maintenance, as well as the loss of great opportunities for growth in the sector where they operate, either through implementation of management tools, whether by impact on the business itself as a whole, from production to sale.

With that in mind, Manusis4 brought together the most qualified specialists on the market and created this Asset Management Maturity Diagnosis. With it, you will know the level that your company is in relation to asset management and discover how you can move forward and transform your business!