Manusis 4.0
Efficient management, high performance, in a single platform.

MANUSIS 4.0 is a system of Maintenance Management and Assets 100% web based and with a mobile application that enables the management of several unities of your company in a single platform.

Without limit of users, it was developed to fulfill the demands of the Industry 4.0 or Manufacturing 4.0, and the guidelines established by the World Class Manufacturing (WCM), and it can be connected to CLPs and supervisory systems and machines, automatizing actions ̧with the purpose of making the processes more agile and reducing operational costs.



AWS - Amazon Web Services

MANUSIS 4.0 uses the best service for secure and quick hosting in the world, the Amazon Web Services (AWS), considered the most efficient one by Gartner.

Multi-Unit system

The system is prepared to meet the demands of companies with many units, which can be viewed in accordance with permissions and access groups.


MANUSIS 4.0 has an App for Android, strongly recommended by users, which works regardless of available network. Soon, versions for supervisors and managers.


It is available in Portuguese (BR), Portuguese (PT), English, Spanish and Italian. It also being prepared for other languages.

Basic modules


    Construction of the assets structure tree, register of assets, cost centers, employees, support resources, teams, shifts and initial parameterizations.


    Creation of warehouses necessary for management of replacement material, consumable goods, application materials, tools, EPIs, uniforms and lubricants, besides features for material reservations, movements, inventories and transfers.


    Preparing plans of preventive maintenance, inspection routes and assets lubrication, defining period or counters and managing their status through resources of yearly, monthly or weekly viewing.


    Main module for management on a daily basis of the assets operation and maintenance. It has features dedicated to service requests, maintenance professionals, operators and PPMC (Planning, Programing and Maintenance Control) Professionals. It is highlighted the tool for Weekly Programing, which enables the user to delegate tasks to your team, distributing the Oms that need to be performed during the week, resulting in the work agenda of the maintenance professionals. More features: Calendar of the Weekly Schedule, Register of Outgoing Issues, Managements of requests, Programed x Performed, Management of Overtime Hours and Entry of Counters, among others.


    Construction of a document structure tree, upload of documents with warnings of expiration date, sharing features, among other features.


    Generation of requests for pieces or necessary services to the management of assets, besides the possibility of establishing parameters for triggering requests for automatic resupply. It enables the activation of approval workflow for withdrawing application and consumption materials, EPIS and uniforms, among other features.


    Creation of access groups, access permissions, users and permissions for costs centers, available features to the master administrator.

  • Dashboards builder

    Creation of dashboards necessary for the monitoring and management of assets, its publication and sharing by the administrator users.


    View of the available dashboards by the users according to publication and sharing of the builder module of dashboards. Infoclick availability, standard dashboard, information search of assets and KPIs after a few clicks.


    Over 15 specific reports for analysis of information and management of actions.


    Main available tables for export, using the selection of period, necessary fields and filters.

Appropriate solutions
to the rules of your business

MANUSIS 4.0 offers specific modules, plugins, which can be contracted according to the needs of your company

Specific modules and plugins


    The Autonomous Maintenance, one the basis of TPM, is an efficient strategy to break down the traditional barriers between the areas of Production and Maintenance, contributing to the increase of equipment use. WERT SOLUTIONS, with the purpose of helping its clients improve the efficiency of the assets management, developed the plugin Autonomous Maintenance, which enables the performance of operation activities recording the actions that must be concluded by the operators and the ones that need to be performed by the Maintenance through the Mobile Application for smartphones and tablets.


    The efficient operation of an asset depends not only on maintenance, but also on organized actions and dynamics of all areas. This plugin enables, at each maintenance order, to insert outgoing issues that must be resolved by another area that is not the Maintenance, generating a plan of action based on the PDCA cycle.


    Use the best investigating techniques to perform the failure analysis of critical equipment. Through the data parameterization, MANUSIS 4.0 suggests, automatically, the performance of a failure analysis of an asset. Besides the step-by-step of an effective failure analysis, it is possible to generate and manage a plan of action, and then, to establish a warranty period of effectiveness concerning taken actions.

  • Machine Ledger (WCM)

    The machine paper is a document (report automated in MANUSIS 4.0) that lists, details and registers the history of all components of an equipment classified as critical. In this report, all elements that can characterize and classify the equipment are registered until the level of components, enabling the management of component failures. Through the Machine Ledger Digital and a digital touch board, the client has the best experience managing his assets every day.

  • Project management

    It allows users to register and manage their projects following the principles of PMI (Project Management Institute) in collaborative environment. It has features such as the possibility of registering project charter, milestones, documents attachments, notepads and the creation of a project schedule in Gantt format, allowing the follow-up of the project progress through the indicators IDC (Cost Index) and IDP (Deadline Index).


    It allows the register of operation data of assets concerning production, process losses, product losses and losses related to time. It allows the user to register possible losses related with Productivity, Availability and Quality. The records can be done in manual mode by the line operators through the register panels or it is possible to integrate MANUSIS 4.0 directly to machines and equipment, depending on the technical feasibility.

  • Standard Activity

    It enables the user to manage accurately the activities of systematic maintenance plans through the register of activities with standard time and features. Together with MANUSIS Mobile, it compares estimated periods and the ones performed by the maintainers.


    It allows the user to manage his assets in real time focusing on the geopositioning and on acquisition of critical information for the maintenance management of assets. With Tracksis, it is possible to monitor the movement of maintenance professionals every day. It is ideal for the management of the team responsible for driving and for technical assistance, informing, in real time, where the members of the team are. It possible to use this module for monitoring mobile assets, such as vehicles, but in this case it is necessary to evaluate compatibility with tracing hardwares.


    Manage the maintenance budget in a dynamic way comparing its estimates and what it is really being spent. Register your yearly maintenance budget and, through the daily accounting of Maintenance Orders, monitor the statement of disbursements.

  • Matrix X/QM (WCM)

    Within the methodology WCM, there is an essential tool for the work of the quality foundation of machines, based on the matrix management known as X and QM, which relate preventive activities of the calendar and the CILR plan with quality points of the machine;

  • Tag module (WCM)

    One of the tools of WCM, the labels are a mean of visual management, which has the main purpose of monitoring the issues found in the company, identifying the responsible staff and controlling the actions and deadlines determined for their solution. Through this plugin, it is possible to manage the labels generated by the employees, monitoring them in a centralized environment.

  • External Repairs

    Manage the lifespan of your asset and monitor it at any time, including during their repair performed by providers and third parties. The External Repairs plugin allows the monitoring of repairs and the management of all information concerning this process.


    Through the Checklist plugin, it is possible to prepare lists of verifications in a simple and practical way, applying them to the performance of several activities and managing possible nonconformities in integrated way to other system modules.


    The standard operational procedure or standard maintenance procedure is a detailed description of all operations necessary for the performance of an activity, in other words, it is a standard schedule to perform an activity. Using images as a visual aid, the use of a SOP/SMP avoids that found failures occur again.


The Maintenancȩ Management and Assets requires mobility, even if the internet is not available.

Using the MANUSIS Mobile, you can:

  • Work even in environments with no internet available.
  • Enable the service request by any person inside the organization using QR Code technology.
  • Allow the maintenance professionals to perform service registration, record pictures and insert outgoing issues into the OM together with the equipment of any place of the organization.
  • Allow that machine operators perform daily inspections (Autonomous Maintenance) of equipment, informing immediately the PPCM area in case of nonconformities - it is necessary the contracting of the Autonomous Maintenance plugin. Autonomous Maintenance plugin.
  • Register counters of assets and fuel consumption by mobile asset.
  • View history, documents and indicators of assets using the QR Code feature.
  • With the Standard Activity plugin, register the runtime of a standard activity of an OM through the feature Play-Pause.

APP Upgrade in Progress

Soon, for supervisorsEm Breve

  • SS and OM approval.
  • Redistribution of Oms for the team members.
  • View of attendance to the weekly schedule.
  • View of indicators.

Managing Mobile Application. Em Breve

  • View of indicators.
  • Android and IOS version.


Use the MANUSIS Conect to connect and integrate the several devices and machines to MANUSIS 4.0 and have total control over the assets of your company.

  • Wi-fi connection, ethernet, GPRS.
  • 16 output ports.
  • 4 analog output ports.
  • Predictive ̧Maintenance.
  • Manufacturing 4.0
Manusis IIOT
Manusis Touch


With the features of Manusis touch, the daily management of maintenance is easier. View and manage the Machine Ledger of assets, open service requests and many other things.

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