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About Wert Solutions

WERT SOLUTIONS has 15 years of experience, currently operating in 9 countries. We are one the companies that are part of the Scale-Up Endeavor, a program of support to entrepreneurs with potential to become big cases of success regarding global entrepreneurship. We work on the development of solutions to facilitate, and mainly to make the processes of Maintenance Management and Assets of our clients more agile, ensuring the search for better indicators of availability, maintainability and reliability.


Offer information for management of assets through our specialized, agile and practical solutions, with mobility and in accordance with the needs of our clients.


We are reference in solutions concerning management of assets in the world market until 2020.


Integrity is vital, mutual trust, united we are stronger, we are all leaders, every work is important, communication is essential, we get down to business.

International Performance

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The success of WERT SOLUTIONS is the reflection of our team’s expertise, formed by developers and analysts who are specialists in PHP and Ruby on Rails.

Our professionals of implementation have productive work experience in the areas of maintenance and production.

We have the support of a specialist PMO in management of projects and specialized professionals in the area of support to clients, besides our CEO, Rodrigo Rotondo, a mechanical engineer with over 20 years of performance in national and multinational industries, with international certification in maintenance engineering and reliability.

Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

In 2017, WERT SOLUTIONS has initiated a project of technical and scientific cooperation with PUC-PR, based on the development of technologies included by MANUSIS 4.0 focusing on the Industry 4.0.

Contact Us

If you have doubts concerning Manusis 4.0 and how it can help your business. Contact us. Our customer support team is at your disposal.

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